Delaware Water Gap Canoeing

On August 20 and 21, Troop 28 went on a canoe trip. There were 15 people who went. We had 5 canoes and 4 kayaks. We went on the trip so many of the boys could finish the canoe merit badge. We went on the Delaware River and we paddled for a total of 16 miles. We paddled 9 miles the first day starting at about noon after eating lunch. That day we also practiced rescuing techniques from inside a canoe and while in the water. We also did both single paddler canoe rescue and double paddler canoe rescues. All the boys were able to pass the rescuing techniques and successfully get back in the canoe. We camped out along the river and we had a big dinner of ramen noodles. The second day we went 7 miles. One of the things we had for breakfast was cereal with powdered milk – but the powdered milk did not look that great – so I didn’t have that. The weather started getting a little stormy near the end of the trip and we stopped on a small island to rest but we only saw a little rain. We were told that the river moved about 2 miles per hour, but I think we moved a little faster than that. There were a couple of class 1 rapids on the second day. Some of us got a little wetter than others. It was a very fun trip and I would recommend it to others.