Gettysburg 2011

On November 18th through 20th Troop 28 went to Gettysburg Pennsylvania, it was a very fun and exciting experience. There were seven of us total on this camping trip. This was how the camping trip went down. On Friday several of us left early so that we could set up. It was cold, dark, and very muddy at our campsite. We probably had gotten one of the muddiest camp sites I have ever been to. When the troop tried to ignite a fire it would not light. This was because everything was wet. So everyone gave up and went to bed. On Saturday three of us got up early to go get some firewood and fire starters at Wal-Mart. After we got the fire started we made Mountain Man for breakfast. After breakfast we made our lunches for when we were hiking on the Johnny Reb trail. Before we started the hike, we didn’t know where the trail started. So we went and bought a map and a trail guide book from the visitor center. The Johnny Reb trail was a four mile long hike and took around 2.5 hours to complete.
We started at the Visitors Center, and then hiked through Soldiers’ National Cemetery. Then after the cemetery we hiked through Cemetery Hill, Steven’s Knoll, Tower View and First Day, Close Order Fighting, 2nd Maryland Regiment, Smith Brigade and Spangler Meadow, Spangler’s Spring, Pardee Field, and last but not least Baltimore Pike, then back to Visitors Center. When we finally got back to camp, we made dinner. Then at 9:30 pm we went on our ghost tour. I saw and smelled a guy with a cigar. That was a little creepy. Then after the ghost tour we went back to camp for a good, muddy night’s sleep. On Sunday we all packed up, said our good-byes and left. This was an amazing camp experience in Gettysburg.