Beach Jam Fall 2012

On September 21st-23rd, the Troop went on a trip to the Jersey shore for Beach Jam.  We arrived at the beach at about 8-9 o’clock. We (the Scouts) were dropped off with all of our gear by the campsite.  When the adults found parking, we carried all of our gear to the beach, in the dark!  We all pitched in helping set up tents, taking turns holding up lights and working.  When we were all settled in, we got to sleep and woke up around sunrise.  We walked along the beach to where breakfast was being served.  The majority of the rides weren’t open until about 10:00, so most of the Scouts walked around visiting various arcades and other attractions on the boardwalk.  When the rides opened the Scouts split into different groups and visited rides of interest.  The day proceeded like that until it was time for dinner then bed. But the wind was so strong that some of the tent poles snapped, and the tents collapsed.  The Troop then decided to pack up and head home, at around midnight.

By: Sam