2013 National Scout Jamboree


Two boys from our troop when down to the Summit Bechtel Reserve located in Mount Hope, West Virginia, for a week long event at the 2013 National Scouting Jamboree. They were put into a group of scouts that were also apart of Chester County Council. Once they got down there, there was an assortment of events that they could do. For example they could do many fun and exciting activities like shooting guns, earning an assortment of merit badges, zip lining, BMX, a ropes course, and do white water rafting. One day while they were there they had to hike up to the top of the summit which was about 1.2 miles to the top; once at the top there were many different interesting things that were there. For example there was an recreation of the first Boy Scout camp in America, they also had Scottish games which were black powder, lassoing, bull whipping, and ax throwing. Some of the other things that they did while they were down there  was visit some of the exhibits about Sea Scouts, the Order of the Arrow, the Nation Eagle Scout Association, and a disability awareness tent. The big shows at the end and the beginning were just amazing, we had speakers like the leader of the Boys Scouts of America and even the King of Switzerland. The time down there was definitely a week to remember.

By: Matthew

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