Pettecote Junction Camping, Bicycling and Tubing


On July 19th we headed to Cedar Run, PA to Pettecote Junction Campground and it was fun.  We drove down and stopped at a KFC for dinner and then an ice cream shop for dessert (It had the biggest smalls I’ve
ever seen).  We finally got there after 5-1/2 hours of driving.  We set up camp
and we were ready for a new day.  We woke up and made pancakes and sausage for breakfast.
We later got ready for a bike ride.  We rode 7 miles North on the trail and then 7 miles back. We then had
lunch.  After lunch we rode 3 miles South and then 3 miles back and stopped at another ice cream shop.  Once we got back we got ready for river tubing.  It was really fun to swim in the river.  For dinner we had spaghetti and at night we had a small fire and made S’mores.  We went to bed and the next day we packed up and headed home.  For lunch we stopped at Wendy’s.

By: Stuart

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