10-24-13 Photos 081 (500x375)

On September 20th, we left the legion and drove to Gettysburg when we arrived at Gettysburg we set up the site and when we did this Kyle and Tyler decided to make the site set up in the horseshoe shape.   After we set up we went to bed when we woke up we made breakfast which was mountain man.   Then we went to the Gettysburg Visitor Center then started our hike where we went through the National Soldiers Cemetery.  Then our hike took us to Churches Hill after that to the radio tower which was very scary to climb to the top.  Then we went to Pardee Field. Then we hiked back to the visitor center which then it started to rain (at least it was after our hike).Then we went to the diorama and the diorama was a 30 min showing of a bunch of small figurines and a explanation of what exactly happened during the war. Then we walked around the town and went shopping and got some awesome ice cream. Then we went back to the camp site and made dinner and they made a fire in the rain when I told the other guys that they would not be able to get the fire to light in the rain. After that we went to bed and woke up the next morning packed up and left to come home.

By: Kyle

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