Penn’s Cave

Nov 22 005

Penn’s Cave was a fun trip in which we stayed overnight in a cabin on a Boy Scout reserve. The next day we got to go to the cave. It was a 50 minute guided tour on a boat through the cave. We got to see multiple formations, learned a lot of information, heard bad cave jokes, and saw 5 bats. Then we got to go and do a 90 minute guided bus tour of the animal park with animals such as the white tailed deer, rocky mountain elk, bison, long horn cattle, timber wolves, black bears, bob cats, and mountain lions. Then we got off and went to do the maze. It was small but they used the area well and made it very confusing, but our very own Mr. Ray beat the 7 minute record with his 5 minute record. At the end we all got prizes. Then we went back to the cabin and messed around for the rest of the day, and then the next day we left.

By: Josh

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