Beach Jam

On May 15th, 2015, Troop 28 took its annual trip to a large Boy and Girl Scout event called “Beach Jam”. The 15th was a Friday so we had to leave at around six o’clock to wait for everyone to be done packing and school. For this trip there were only three scouts and two adults, so we only had to ride in a one car. Beach Jam is in New Jersey so we it was about a two hour drive to get there. Since we left at six it was pretty dark by the time we found a decent spot among the sea of tents that were on the beach. After we were done setting up the adults went off to buy us scouts wrist bands for the Amusement Park that was on the other side of the 2 mile boardwalk. I and the other scouts went off to explore the boardwalk to see what we wanted to do the next day. Then after a very windy night I and the other scouts went off on a 6 mile journey up and down the board walk. Eventually I got tired so I went and rested in my tent for a while. After I rested I had to get back up and walk another 2+ miles to get dinner and then get back to my tent. Resting didn’t last too long though since our Scoutmaster asked us if we wanted to leave on Saturday instead of Sunday because there is a large storm coming our way. Of course everyone agreed that would be the best option, so we all very quickly packed up our stuff and shoved it into our Scoutmaster’s truck and headed off for the two hour journey home. There are a lot of small stories I can’t fit in here but Beach Jam is a very fun event where tons of Boy and Girl scouts camp out on a beach.

By: Adam

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