Family Camp

This December 12th -14th, Troop 28 went to Camp Ware for an annual camping event we call Family Camp. This trip is all about relaxation for the scouts since they are allowed to bring any item they would like. This would include things such as computers, TVs, and every other kind of electronic you can think of. The adults do all the cooking instead of the scouts, but then again in the cabin we were staying in did include a kitchen. Of course during the weekend not everyone will do things together as we did all have our own electronic devices that we were playing by ourselves. That lead to people playing board games they had brought by themselves which was quite a funny spectacle to watch since one of the adult leaders was playing Yahtzee by himself and yelling out the occasional “Yahtzee!” every now and then. That was one of the few highlights of this camping trip. One of the down sides of Family camp being in the winter was that not every room of the cabin had insulation. I and two other scouts wanted to stay in the same room together but all of the partially insulated rooms of course, had already been taken. We had to stay in the coldest area of the whole cabin and that area was probably about 30oF and if we opened our door you could feel the heat coming in and the people outside could definitely feel the cold that was coming out. Since the cabin would not be a nice cabin if it did not have a furnace somewhere to keep us from freezing. All in all this is probably one of the most fun camping trips that we go on in our yearly cycle of trips.

By: Adam

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